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What sets us apart

While there are many monthly children's book clubs on the internet, we are dedicated to finding the topics and subjects that your child will connect with, rather than just the current best seller list or traditionally popular titles.

My Reluctant Reader focuses solely on helping your child find the right books. Every book chosen is tailored to the information we gather regarding your reader to build a profile just for them. Continued feedback helps us modify our selections to keep things exciting and engaging.

An excellent option for homeschool reading plans and school book reports. Designed for children and young adults ages 6-16, we identify age appropriate books as well as reading level adjusted selections to be challenging and improve reading comprehension.


I found I like reading a lot more this year. I noticed that there are books out there that will fit my interest. I've found many authors that have dragged me into their books and that I couldn't stop reading.

Lizzy, 8th Grade

Thank you for working so hard to find books that my son loves. He never enjoyed reading until we found your service.


I always wanted to give books to my granddaughter as gifts but never knew what she might enjoy. I have been so pleased to find that she is excited about the books she receives and I love being able to discuss them with her.


Avery loved it! She took it to school to read to her classmates. The book was "I broke my trunk"


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