Challenges in reading comprehension

So often a student will read an entire book but not comprehend what they have read.  The majority of the time we have found that it is simply because the book was not engaging for the student so they read the words but didn’t connect with the text which leads to comprehension problems.

Students (usually) are not mature readers.  A mature reader knows how to choose a book, has a mental (or written) list of books they want to read next, and knows when to abandon a book because they are aware that it isn’t interesting or engaging to them. Young readers typically do not have these skills and need guidance and modeling to help them acquire these skills. The guidance needs to be from someone who has read lots of books and can skillfully match the child to the book based on experience, interests, and reading level.  

Young readers won’t always connect with the ‘Best Seller’ list.  There are thousands of books out there.  Once the right book gets placed with the right child it will spark an interest in reading that didn’t previously exist simply because the child now realizes how wonderful books can be.  Children need to be able to connect to the characters, visualize the setting and events and be taken on an adventure that they didn’t know could exist.  We work with you and your child to help make this happen. Join now.