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Thinking that the entire knowledge of the world can be traced from the internet only, think again. Sometimes all those URLs and Pdfs are not enough. That’s where best children’s book club comes in. We at Best Children’s book club are dedicated to showering your kids with the gift of new books every month that help him learn, grow and succeed. 

Best Children's book club is a monthly subscription service for the reader in your child. Handpicked books that nourish your child’s brain from an early age for the greater things in life. Books can do magic for your kid if done in the right way. 

Books play an important role in your child’s life if introduced early enough. An early reader is more experienced to tackle the hurdles of life because he has experience of books on his side. Not only that, Books are known to help build a good relationship with a kid with their parents. Early reading of books is known to help kids get the better grasp of language fundamentals and boost in vocabulary. Enhanced reading skills, acclimation to new experiences, better logical reasoning thinking, concentration and disciplined life are a few of the advantages for book reading kids. 

Books open an entirely new universe for your kids. Choosing a new book for your children might be a hefty job and giving him/her a path using books is a heftier one. You don’t need to worry about that anymore. Best Children’s book club is here for you. We have a team of professionals that choose books for your kids based on their reading, analytical and learning pattern. We take our subscriptions seriously. At Best children’s book club, we send you 2 books every month curated according to your Child’s needs and his learning skills. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1.  Choose from the packages listed on our website for your kid that best suits your kid. You can choose from our monthly subscription packages as per your kid's needs. If your kid loves to explore new books and topics, choose the super reader package. If he is new to books and you’d like to ignite his interest, choose the second option from our subscription list(Newbie one). 

if your kid is a struggling one and has a hard time reading books, go for the third one. 

2.  We then ask you to fill up a form to know your kid better. The survey form contains a few questions that help us understand your kid better. His needs are taken care of and then we curate his book list accordingly. 

3.  After curating the books for your kid, we send him a package every month that contains 2 books for him that will encourage and enhance his learning abilities while keeping his interest for books rising and uplifting. 

Subscribe now to Best children’s book club and gift your children the best things in the world. We are giving away 50% discount on new subscriptions this holiday season. Gift your loved ones the joy of reading this holiday season. Because what can be better than watching your children enjoy the best thing in the world all calm and composed.



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