Children's Book Club

Every parent wants their children to read a lot, usually because they know it will make them smarter, or some because they have experienced the power of early reading. In every case, the first step is to convince your child that reading is fun, and the educational part comes attached to that with children's book club.

Reading will improve your kids IQ. This happens because in early ages, every stimulus has a major influence in children's brain development (up to 6 points). By reading with children's book club, they're stimulating new parts of their brains, making them more active and creating chronic processes that will influence positively the way they see the world and deal with problems along the way. The more you read the smarter you get, but most importantly, you get more aware of the world that surrounds you.

Also, one of the benefits of early reading is school performance. Studies prove that early readers have better text understanding, improved concentration and critical sense, three basic skills to be a top student. The text understanding skills are a major benefit for every class, since it's common for all of them.

Besides that, even in the social area this is a fundamental skill to be a successful adult. On the other hand, the critical sense is a key point not only in school but in his professional life. A young adult that can formulate his argument will always be heard, and it's more likely they become a leader than a follower. Also, attached to this, come to enrichment of their vocabulary. This is a key factor for your children to become a better adult and professional, since he will be able to explain his toughs and be fully understood.

We've been analyzing the benefits of early reading in school and professional environments, however we can't forget the social skills acquired by children since and early age. It is proves that children who read more with children's book club are more likely to become understanding, reasonable and responsible adults.

Most of the children's' books tend to learn little life lessons, that will be understood and acquired as real behaviors to practice bye children. So not only will they be more prepared for their professional and academic lives, but they will also become better human beings. And social skills are usually as important as good grades.

We're not just offering the opportunity to ship books from our site, that would be too simple. We want your children to get the right books defined by their personality and traits, because not all kids are avid readers. Some are reluctant, and some need that extra boost to catch their colleagues.

Our success will be your children’s success at children's book club. Not only do we want to offer the best reading experience to your children, but we also want to create better and more prepared adults. We want to share the idea that children are our future, and it's our task to prepare them properly so they can be better than our generation, and teach the next one to be better than them. p>




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