Children's Book of the Month Club

Is it hard to get your child to pick up a book for school or even for fun? Sometimes, kids have a hard time wanting to read and it becomes a chore and something that you have to make them do. Children that struggle with reading may not want to read as much. However, if they don't want to read now, they might fall behind even more. In fact, According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, or the ASCD, a study by Juel (1988) reports that students who are proficient in reading will have read about twice as many words than the students who struggle with reading. But the article about children's book of the month club also mentions something else to motivate reluctant readers - interest. Providing interesting content for reluctant readers will help them read more.

The best way to improve literacy is by reading. But, where do you find engaging content that a reluctant reader would want to read? Try signing up for a children's book of the month club. It is a great way to spark your child's interest and reading level. Your child will be excited to get a package in the mail that is delivered just for them. It is probably the most exciting part of being in a book club for children- they get a couple new books each month delivered to the door. This is a great solution for kids in Avid, who are homeschooling, are struggling readers, or reluctant readers. A children's book of the month club hand picks great reads specifically with your child in mind. It saves you a trip to the library or bookstore and the process of finding the books that are the most appropriate for your child's level. Save yourself the time and energy by letting a service help.

Finding the right monthly book club is a difficult task. There are so many great ones out there. However, My Reluctant Reader children's book of the month club is a the best resource for a personalized children's book service. They not only send two books every month that is the right reading level, but they also specialize in picking the books that fit in your child's interests. They pick from which book is the best suited for your child instead of what is most popular, like other book subscriptions do. They also have specific subscriptions available, depending on the specific needs for your child. The way they personalize the service is by providing a survey to best fit your child's needs and interests. That way, two new books show up that are perfect for any reader, reluctant or not. Give your child the opportunity to learn and explore through the infinite possibilities that reading provides. Help them discover reading that is not a chore but shows them the world and everything beyond. Expand their horizons to a whole new level of reading and interests to help ready them for the learning to come.

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