Children's Book Subscription

Books are a kids’ best friend. A new book can be an amazing surprise for your kid and can be a source of learning too. Children feel joyous when they receive a new book and the knowledge gained from the books can last for years to come. Also, reading books with your child or your grandchild can create a lasting bond between you and the child. Some of the benefits of children's book subscription and reading include a better academic fulfillment, better concentration, better communication skills and language skills.

Why get a subscription?

Buying books of several genres can be expensive at some time and even worse, many people do not want a pile of books collected in their homes. So the best alternative is to get a children’s book subscription. With the subscription, you can get an awesome collection of books at your doorstep. All you need to do is register on the website with your child details. Mention the age and choice of the kid and you will get a box of amazing books every month.

A children’s book subscription at ensures that your child gets to read books in several genres ranging from classic children's books, award-winning literature, board books, and educational books. The books are hand-picked from the collection and care is taken that quality content reaches your child.

Subscription plans

There are several plans to choose from based on your child’s interest.

We offer three plans mainly --

The AVID plan – This plan is for children who already love reading books and are always in search of new books.

The RELUCTANT plan – This plan is for children who have no or very less interest in books. We make sure that we will build the child’s interest in reading with our amazing collection.

The STRUGGLING plan – This plan is for children who find reading difficult and are struggling with words. Don't worry, we will help them overcome all the hurdles they face in reading.

We offer these plans for children of age group between 6-16 years of age.

How can you buy a subscription from --

Buying children’s book subscription is easy and fast and follows three simple steps --

• First, you must choose a plan according to your child's interest and capabilities. This will help us to provide the correct type of books for your child. After choosing the plan, you can do a checkout on our website and place the order.

• After successful order placement, you need to fill a subscriber survey so that we can build a reading profile for your child. Following this profile, our staff will choose the best books for your child every month.

• Every month we will send two books, gift-wrapped for your child according to your earlier survey. We request you to fill a follow-up survey every month which will help us to know how your child is progressing, or how we can improve on our offers.

With us, you can be sure of getting access to the most recent and best collection of books from popular award-winning authors. Our rare collection combines fun with learning. Our books are not only enjoyed by the children but their parents and grandparents also love to read them. So do check the subscription plans on our website and sign up today. Gift your child, the joy of reading.



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