The Children's Book Club that delivers a great book, a book recommendation and a reading tip to your door monthly.

My Reluctant Reader delivers books each month chosen specifically for your child. Our team is comprised of current educators working directly with kids each day allowing our selection process to go far beyond the average book club. As avid readers we read and review the books we suggest. Now your child can benefit from our years of experience working directly with children and young adults in the classroom. 

We understand the process required to select the right books for children and actually tailor each subscription directly to the likes and dislikes of the subscriber. Our process is as simple as it is complex. We find the books that your child will connect with instead of only sending books on the current top seller's list or that simply fit their age and reading level criteria.


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Upon subscribing, fill out the provided survey allowing us to begin to understand your child's reading interests, habits and background.
Each month we ship you a book personally selected for your child. We also provide you with a recommendation for a second book your child might enjoy as well along with a reading tip to help your child enjoy reading to the fullest.
Provide us with continued feedback each month to further identify great selections that will help your child grow as a reader.