Monthly Book Club for Kids

Every parent wishes that their kids becomes an avid reader and a lover of books, whether its story books, Disney junior magazine or national Geographic for kids. Some of the kids hate to read, therefore getting the kids an exciting book ignites the desire and spark to read with monthly book club for kids.

As a parent you may realize the kid is reluctant to read, therefore there is need to have the kid join a monthly book club so as to keep the kids mind growing and active.

In case the kid is reluctant to read you might want to find out the causes before you enroll them for monthly book club for kids.

Lookout for these signs.

1. Complex Grammar.

Imagine you book your kid that interesting story book form the store. They read the first few lines and then show lack of interest. If the kid avoids reading the book all together you need to identify the materials that interest the kid and keep them glued to the book. Might be the book is hard to understand or the storyline is boring and the kids is not joining the pieces in the storyline. The book could be written in a complex manner such that it's hard to internalize.

2. No illustrations / Pictures.

The story could be interesting. However, there are a lot of wording such that the kid lacks interest. A good kids book should have pictures- interesting and funny pictures so that the kids can relate and peruse more pages. Example is the Disney Junior Magazine- Its full of nice pictures that are eye catching.

3 Lack of motivation.

Whenever you are reading a book to your kid, ensure they repeat some sentences so that you can engage them. Showing them that they are trying and that they understand ignites an interest to want to learn more. Motivate them by promising to buy a present, a movie or even going for a holiday. That way they will stay motivated and continue reading.

Once you identify the reason as to why the kid is reluctant, enrolling them to a monthly book club comes in handy. It is important to note that not only reluctant kids who should enroll for the monthly book club for kids. The monthly book club for kids has significant benefits to the kids growth and well as intellectual knowledge in future. Parents should identify the type of books that interests the kids and focus on them. 

Here are some tips to promote or increase the desire for a monthly book club for kids.

1. Integrate reading every day.

Ensure your kids have a daily routine to read on a daily basis. This will keep the kid informed and create a love for reading. Select books that the kid choses and then find a way to promote their reading skills. 

2. Bedtime stories.

We all know that some kids do not fall asleep the minute they get to bed. Having a bedtime story is essential. They might opt to stay up and read an interesting story. However, avoid scary stories such as 'Dragon in the city'. You do not want the kid to dream about scary stuff. Select jokes books.

3. Read out to the kid and then they finish.

This is a great way to ensure the kid gets hooked to the story. Start by reading together then get 'busy' and then you realize they will want to finish reading.

4. Books with movies.

Want your kid to read more? Buy a movie and a book of the same script and have them read the book or watch the movie. Did the kid enjoy the movie or the book? If its the movie then later read the book, have a repeat of that often. Its is fun seeing them relating the book to the movie.

5. Form a family- book bond.

This one trick to encourage reluctant kids. The mother and the kid can take turn reading the story. The rewarding part is seeing the kid reading chapter after chapter. That's why its important to form a monthly book club for kids. They will enjoy when you are reading together.

To improve on your kid ability to learn and continue learning more, enrolling in a monthly book club bears fruits as the kid grows. p>




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