Monthly Book Subscription for Kids

In addition to improving the language skills of a child, reading is a very good way of keeping a child busy and out of mischief. However many parents find that their young child is not interested in reading books due to a variety of the reasons like lack of interest. While there are a number of websites offering a monthly book subscription for kids, most of these websites are offering the latest best sellers or other popular books which the child may not be interested in reading. Like adults, many children are only interested in books on specific topics, so it is advisable for parents to opt for a monthly book subscription for kids which is customized according to the interests of the child.

The monthly book subscription for kids from has three different categories depending on the interest of the child in reading books, though the pricing for the different categories of books is the same. Some children love reading, and eagerly read all the books that they have access to and are labelled as avid readers. Other children are reluctant readers, who are not interested in reading most books, so books should be specifically selected to make them read. Some other children are struggling readers, because they are busy with other activities or do not have the language skills to read books, so books which they can easily read will be selected.

After the new subscriber has paid for monthly book subscription for kids, he or she will have to complete a survey to find the interest and language skills of the child for whom the books are required. For example a young child who has just started reading , will be supplied simpler books and the stories will not be very long. On the other hand, a teenager will have better language skills, and be able to read longer and more complex books. Based on the reader profile of the child the experts at , who have an educational background, will choose the most appropriate book for the child.

A child who is gifted a monthly book subscription for kids from by his or her parents, relatives or other friends, will receive two books specially selected for the child every month. The books will be gift wrapped in attractive packaging, so that the child eagerly looks forward to receiving the books monthly and reading them. The books are selected based on the interests of the child, so that he or she enjoys reading the book, and it also enhances the reading ability of the child, making it easier for the child to read more books quickly. Surveys are conducted regularly to check if the child is satisfied, and update the reader profile, so that suitable books can be provided in future.

The monthly book subscription for kids is suitable for children and teenagers of age between six and sixteen years. The book subscription is ideal for home schooled children, keeping them updated with new and popular books, and for book reports at school. In addition to improving the reading ability of the child, the books will also improve the comprehension levels of the child, so that he or she understands the story and message of the book, and can use the story to improve his or her life. Most parents and children who are subscribing are very satisfied with the books that they receive and children find reading a pleasure which they look forward to.





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